Acceleration Technology Sharing of Programed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) in SMK N 1 Kepulauan Mentawai

The Mentawai Islands are one of the 3T (Tertinggal, Terdepan, Terluar) areas in Indonesia. All of these things have the potential to become obstacles for residents living in 3T areas. Starting from transportation, administration, access to information, economics, health and education is no exception. The complexity of problems in 3T areas often has a negative impact on the quality of education, such as the availability of facilities/infrastructure, limited access to information, quality of human resources, low learning culture and even the availability of qualified teaching staff is also difficult to find. We obtained this from several working visits to SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands, one of the vocational schools on South Sipora Island.

Through this activity, the PKM Team seeks to accelerate the PGM Fi technology. PGM Fi technology is the latest technology and is used in all vehicles currently marketed. The PKM team targets training participants who are students of SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands to receive the latest material regarding fuel systems on motorbikes.

The PKM activity was opened directly by the Head of SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands, Mr. Choneron Wincy, S.Pd. In his opening speech he expressed his appreciation and thanks for the realization of this activity. He said that the current condition of PBM really requires refreshing and upgrading materials and methods in order to provide stimulus for the development of the PBM process at SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands.

Before starting the theory session, the PKM Team conducted a Pre-test first. The pre-test is carried out to measure students’ understanding of the training material that will be provided. The data from the pre-test results then becomes a reference for measuring how successfully this activity was implemented.

In the theory session, students were given an explanation about the introduction of the PGM-Fi system, the system and how PGM-Fi works and also material related to damage analysis and minor repairs. The theory session was held in one of the classes at SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands. Based on the team’s observations, participants were seen enthusiastically following the training material. Many students actively ask questions, because this material is still relatively new to them.

After participants receive material in the theory session, they then carry out practical work on the vehicle. In this case, the team has prepared a unit of injection motorbike to check the fuel system, how the system works as a whole and the process of checking for vehicle damage. In carrying out practice, participants are provided with job sheets and test equipment so that the potential for participant errors in carrying out practicum can be minimized.

This community service activity was closed by the Head of SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands. In his speech he expressed his thanks and hopes that in the future there will be more activities like this at SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands. He felt happy that this activity was able to change the color of PBM at SMK N 1 Mentawai Islands. The teachers were also positively impacted by this activity. The PBM activities carried out by the PKM Team become a model for teachers in carrying out ideal PBM.

[News by : Drs. Erzeddin Alwi, M.Pd. – Team Leader]

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