Skills Training to Build a Light Vehicle Workshop Entrepreneurship at SMKN 1, Guguak Sub-District, Lima Puluh Kota District

Lima Puluh Kota District, At this time the light vehicle repair business is very promising. Production and sales of four-wheeled vehicles show an increase from year to year. Quoted from TimesIndonesia, sales of four-wheeled motorized vehicles in Indonesia are the highest in the Southeast Asia (ASEAN) region in 2021. Data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation, for the January-December 2021 period, total sales reached 887,202 units, an increase of 66.8 percent compared to last year ( year-to-date).

Figure 1. Skills Training to Build a Light Vehicle Workshop Entrepreneurship at SMKN 1, Guguak District, Fifty Cities District

The increase in the number of vehicles certainly creates very promising prospects as well as a very profitable business opportunity and should be taken, especially for vocational students who have a high entrepreneurial spirit. SMK students must be prepared to work according to their abilities, because according to Article 15 of the National Education System Law of the Ministry of Education and Culture, “Vocational education is secondary education that prepares for work in certain fields”.

Figure 2. Direction from the Instructor of the Light Vehicle Workshop Entrepreneurial Building Skills Training Activity

Figure 3. Provision related to Light Vehicle Repair Business for Vocational High Schools in the Fifty Cities area

For this reason, a training program for SMK students must be implemented because it is one of the right steps to increase students’ competency knowledge in matters relating to the light vehicle repair business. There are 5 SMKs in the Fifty Cities area, one SMK has a Light Vehicle Technology Training Program, namely SMK Negeri 1 Kec Guguak.

SMK Negeri 1 Kec Guguak is located at Jln. Railway, Guguak VII, Guguak District, Fifty Cities District, West Sumatra. The current principal is Antoni, M.Pd.T. The latest data show that this Vocational School has 6 majors, namely Light Vehicle Engineering, Wood Construction Engineering, Electrical Installation Engineering, Audio Video Engineering, Multimedia Engineering, and Welding Engineering. This Vocational School was built on a land area of 30,000 m2 with facilities and infrastructure including 19 theory classrooms, 2 workshops, 1 laboratory room and 1 library room. The curriculum used at this school is the 2013 curriculum with school B accreditation. The internet access used at this school is via Telkomsel Flash.

Based on observations and interviews that the proposer conducted with school principals and heads of departments of light vehicle engineering study programs at partner schools, it was shown that vocational students of light vehicle engineering study programs who built light vehicle repair shops independently in Fifty Cities district were still very few. With the minimum number of SMK students in the light vehicle engineering study program who play an active role and are able to build a repair shop business independently, this will directly have an impact on the number of SMK graduates who are unemployed and not a few graduates who choose to work not in accordance with their competence. Of course this is very unfortunate because it is not in accordance with the objectives of vocational schools, especially light vehicle engineering study programs.

Figure 4. Briefing from the Community Service Team of the UNP Automotive Engineering Department chaired by Rifdarmon, S. Pd, M. Pd.T

Based on the problems raised above, the proposal was initiated by the Community Service Team of the UNP Automotive Engineering Department chaired by Rifdarmon, S. Pd, M. Pd. T, and the members are Irma Yulia Basri, S. Pd, M. Eng. Prof. Dr. Hasan Maksum, M. T, with Drs. Martias, M.Pd, Drs. Andrizal, M.Pd carried out community service activities with the title “PKM Skills Training for Building Entrepreneurial Light Vehicle Workshops in Lima Puluh Kota  District”.

The implementation of community service activities is systematically arranged. The implementation was carried out for 3 days, starting from 20 September 2022 to 22 September 2022 at SMKN 1, Guguak Sub-District, Lima puluh kota District. The activity was opened by the head of SMKN 1, Guguak District, Fifty Cities District. Participants who took part in the activity totaled 25 people consisting of teachers and students at SMKN 1, Guguak Sub-District.

The activity was carried out by providing motivation and tips on building an independent light vehicle repair shop and material on the use of digital and manual workshop equipment, management of light vehicle repair equipment and equipment, and service, maintenance and overhaul/disassembly of light vehicle engines using the lecture method. discussion, and practice.

Based on the results of the evaluation during the community service activities that have been carried out, community service activities can be carried out properly and run smoothly according to the plans that have been prepared even though not all of the mentoring participants have mastered the material presented well. This activity received a very good response as evidenced by the active participation of the participants in the mentoring by not leaving the place before the end of the training time. After the service was carried out, it was seen that there was an increase in knowledge about EFI technology and a change from participants to their interest in entrepreneurship, interest in something profitable emerged and wanted to make it happen.

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