Upskilling and Reskilling Teachers and Students of SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang about Periodic Maintenance on EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) System

SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang  State Vocational High School cross is school field technology and industry . School this on at first consist of 2 skills that is major Technique Machining, and Electrical Engineering. However along with needs Public will education vocational so school To do development major become 8 skills that is Technique Machining (TP), Engineering Vehicle Lightweight (TKRO), Audio Video Engineering (TAV), Engineering Welding (TPL), Installation and Electric Power (TITL), Business Construction and Property (BKP), Engineering Computer and Network (TKJ), Design Modeling and INF. Building (DPIB).

SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang.

In his journey many problem faced _ by SMK including about achievement competence about skill graduates , especially on skill Technique Vehicle Light (TKRO). Claims harmony Among school with industry especially development in Vocational school curriculum used no in tune with competence in accordance user graduate (link and match) so that not yet capable Fulfill demands world work , world industry and world effort . Lots challenges faced _ by SMK especially in development knowledge knowledge that is technical and practical . Various effort already conducted good by the SMK in Thing this is policy government among them development free curriculum _ industry , complement equipment standard practice _ industry , enter into MoUs and MoA with industry and from the industry has conducted effort among them be a guest teacher in vocational schools as well as To do test competence with BNSP for SMK graduates . Condition this no as well as immediately make SMK problem solved , with existence policy and effort the it turns out still many problem faced _ by SMK students.

Engine stand used moment practice at SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang.

At SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang  the most basic problem and very need attention special is provide skill upgrades and reskilling for teachers and student especially in field of EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) in vehicle made from burn gasoline . EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) is wrong one mandatory competence _ owned by a especially high school graduates and this skill Technique Vehicle Light (TKRO). From result observations that have been conducted to school , for equipment practice good for teachers in learning and student as object enough adequate and up to date  because at SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang  have workshops and labor with enough equipment _ as well as instruments in implementation good practice _ and could operate as should be . In activities Turns out SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang especially skill Technique Vehicle Lightweight (TKRO) has problem lack of competence usage tool and understanding about procedure implementation care periodically on system EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) on car. This is what becomes attention special for UNP LP2M PKM team and expected Becomes wrong one solution in problem faced _ by SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang  in reach mastery competence good for teachers and students. Participants _ will be given training by theory and practice with 30% theory percentage and 70% practice.

LPPM UNP Community Partnership Program (PKM) Team to SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang.

Partnership program activities Public this or PKM implemented on September 5 and 8, 2022, will be held at SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang  . Activity this is what becomes target is a teacher and TKRO students ( Technical Vehicle Light Automotive ) which is for teachers and technician who follows there are 8 people and for 15 students in class XI or 2nd grade already return from practice apprenticeship industry.

Activity this conducted by PKM team consisting of from Milan ST, M.Sc , P.hD  and member Nuzul Hidayat , S.Pd , M.Yasep Setiawan S.Pd , MT, then with instructor that is Wawan Purwanto , MT, P.hD and Ahmad Arif S.Pd , second MT instructor is expert in the field Engine Management System (EMS) on Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) . Activities that lasted 4 days were followed by participant with enthusiastic. Then activity this is also supported with a number of supporting equipment _ good from team PKM implementer or from school.

Photo together teacher participants and student SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang.

For activity training that carried out in the laboratory Technique Vehicle Light Automotive (TKRO) Department Technique Automotive SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang  divided activities _ be 2 that is theory and practice. On activity Partnership This PKM TEAM also provides 1 Unit Training Kit Engine Management System (EMS) on Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).

[News by : Milana, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. – PKM Team Leader]

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