Automotive Engineering Department Sets Plagiarism Test Rules and Procedures

In completing his studies at the Department of Automotive Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Padang State University, each student is required to produce a scientific paper in the form of a thesis and scientific articles. However, some students do not want to be bothered and like to copy and paste sentences from a website, articles, to someone else’s thesis without changing it at all. This is an act of plagiarism that is very detrimental to the original author. Therefore, the Automotive Engineering Education Study Program as one of the education delivery units has the responsibility to provide education and outreach related to the prevention of plagiarism, because tertiary institutions are one of the producers of knowledge. In an effort to prevent the practice of plagiarism, the Automotive Engineering Education Study Program has appointed a Plagiarism Test Team which always checks student scientific works such as theses, journals and other scientific works using the Turnitin application before giving student permission to move on to the next stage. The procedures for submitting a plagiarism test are as follows:


Note: The first step that students must take in the Plagiarism Test is to fill in the Plagiarism Test request form via the following link:

[News by: Plagiarism Team, Department of Automotive Engineering, FT UNP]


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